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Get in touch to work with us

We work with for profit and not for profit organisations of any size. Do you have an idea or project you would like us to get involved with? Our team will be happy to hear from you.

Our Australian office is based in Blue Lagoon Beach, Dodges Ferry, Tasmania.

Contact us at to talk about projects in Australia, Peru or the rest of the world.

What we stand for

We do good for people and the environment, we create, promote and participate in projects that have a strong community contribution. We use the scientific approach: constantly experimenting in search for the best results and we achieve while having fun. We believe in the power of single actions towards social change. We think big. We are a social enterprise that is in business to tackle social and environmental problems and benefit our community. We have a probono program to support not for profit organisations and projects.

Meet the Team

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, teachers and researchers. We stamp our strong values and beliefs of positive impact in each or our projects to shape our work and the results we achieve.

Marisol Miró Quesada

Business Development

Passionate project de-risker with 15+ years helping organisations tackle complex problems across industries including non-governmental organisations, small business, manufacturing, design, building, retail, fashion, food and beverage, agriculture, communications, education and government.

Experienced strategist, social entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast with a passion for building ethical businesses and helping founders and directors navigate creatively the different stages of business development.

Influential trainer and coach experienced at developing systems to apply human centred innovation and lean to empathise with users, provide meaningful products and services, develop marketing strategies and improve performance.

Accomplished cross disciplinary designer with emphasis on innovation to empower communities and promote positive social and environmental change in the building, graphic, web and media space.

Marisol is an accredited building designer and has a post graduate degree in sustainable development in the built environment, a bachelor of architecture, and diplomas in business management, marketing and events.

Marisol is based in Tasmania, Australia.

Eric Sivret

Strategy and communications

Experienced project manager with 16 years of experience in derisking projects, managing teams, and systemising work across industries including  education, engineering consulting, small business, horticulture, and manufacturing.

Accomplished communications specialist with a passion for crafting audience focused messages to support ethical businesses in communicating their brand story and value proposition to a wide range of stakeholders.

Business intelligence analyst experienced in finding data stories and enabling evidence based strategic decision making to influence the way organisations give value to their stakeholders.

Experienced systems thinker who support a wide range of clients in developing processes and organisations that enable them to achieve their visions of success and social change.

Eric has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering, and has diplomas in Accounting and Permaculture Design.

Eric is based in Tasmania, Australia.

Guillermo Miró Quesada G.

Managing Director

Guillermo’s experience at funding and managing enterprises in the retail, production, product development, international commerce, food, mass market, fishing, liquor and agriculture sector for over 40 years makes him an outstanding business strategist. With great insight on business sustainability he is sought after by successful leaders who want to become even more successful at innovating at business.

Guillermo is a University of Piura’s PAD High Management Program graduate, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Economics both from Universidad Católica del Peru. He specialized in international trade and commodities in New York.  He has been chairman of the fisheries canning committee and recently a member of the SNP scientific committee.

Guillermo is based in Lima, Peru.