Conference workshop: outcome based business strategy


Workshops @ Crosspolinate Conference: Outcome based business strategy The challenge: We were invted to design 3 workshops for a mix group of growers, farmers, corporate executives and food start-ups with little or no business background to teach them practical tools to project manage their ideas and bring them to life. The workshops where delivered during a full day at the Crosspolinate Conference in Huonville, Tasmania on November 2017. The process and outcome: During the workshops participants [...]

Process Improvement for a Food Co-op


Project: Process Improvement for a Food Co-op The challenge: To improve the food co-op processes to boost quality and efficiency and bring life work balance to the shop and volunteer coordinator.The process: Starting with a value stream map co-design session we unveiled the details of two key processes, food purchase-sell and volunteer recruitment. The findings helped us lay the road map for a strategy to reduce waste and increase value to the customers and key stakeholders. The [...]

From Ideas to Action


Coaching: From Ideas to Action The challenge: To design a workshop for creative people with no business background to teach them practical tools to bring their ideas to life and to deliver the workshop during an outdoors festival. The process: During the workshop participants applied tools to one of their ideas and shaped it to turn it into reality. The tools we used where picked to set them in the right direction in these four key areas: [...]