The Courtyard House


The Courtyard House This residential family home for a newly wed couple recovers traditional design, layout and technologies. The straw bale structure with mud rendered walls 45 cm wide is an efficient insulation for the cold climat of the site, it is biodegradable, made out of local materials, with no added chemicals, fire resistant, flexible, and with a lifespan of hundreds of years. In constrast, the light structured and transparent green house at the heart of [...]

The Sunroom Beach House


The Sunroom Beach House This high-end residential home in Tinderbox, Tasmania, creates luxury through quality of space and light. A clever renovation for a family of 6, the ground level interior plan places special emphasis on user experience, sunlight maximization, indoor-outdoor landscape, passive solar design, building orientation, healthy materials, and recreation spaces sheltered from the wind. Inspired by the classic estate’s sunroom, solarium and sitting room, the stunning views are framed by classy contemporary sunrooms designed [...]

The Mountain Retreat


The Mountain Retreat This luxurious mountain retreat is located on a spirited natural slope overlooking a green and quiet valley, which is why the design has been developed on several levels, so as to make the most of the spectacle that the landscape offers. The construction has a main house of 250 m2, plus an annex block of services of 30 m2 separated by a green space that generates adequate privacy. A beautiful polished concrete stairway [...]

The Coastal Golf House


The Coastal Golf House Nested at the heart of a costal golf course, this stunning 400 m2 single storey home has sweeping golf course and ocean views. Built as the luxury lifestyle seasonal place for a retired couple who loves sharing entire summer seasons with their four children and their families. This shaped the design brief by making the design of a suite for each of them a must. Entertainign in luxury is what friends love [...]

The Stargazing Beach House


The Stargazing Beach House This ocean front retreat for a family of three teenage kids was designed to last generations. Used only during the summer season, the house withstands the elements by being built entirely on concrete, including every piece of furniture. "We want to be able to open the house every season and have it ready to go in just minutes... no maintenance please." This statement was part of the brief that inspired the concept of [...]

Community Events Design


Community Events Design We are always invited to collaborate and work with event planners, event designers and organisers. Since 2013 we have worked alongside Impact Exhibitions + Events, one of the best community and outdoor event and festival organisers in Australia, designing and drafting site and DA application plans. During these years we have been involved in the following Community Festivals, Markets and Events, some of them attracting more than 135,000 visitors: Leichardt Long Lunch, Leichardt Town [...]

A Strategy for a new Campus


Project: A Strategy for a new Campus The challenge: To develop a strategy for a new campus that captures the spirit of the institute and is based on what their people want. The process: Through a face-to-face consultation process on their current campus, Avansys' most important stakeholder groups talked to us and told us what they wanted. The insights, experiences and expectations shared by this wonderful group of people served as a basis for the development [...]