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Project Description

Workshop @ Sustomi: How to increase value and reduce waste in business operations

The challenge:
We were invited to deliver a workshop for a team comprised of a production, customer service, design manager and founder at a Tasmanian sustainable food wrap company to teach them practical tools to reduce waste and project manage the implementation of initiatives.

The process and outcome:
During the workshops participants learnt TPS (Toyota Production System) basic principles on how to spot wasted effort and resources across the operation, developed a customer map to understand value delivery. The tools we used, the strategy canvas and a Lego brick exercise, where chosen to make the workshop fun, memorable and engaging.

About Sustomi:
Zero waste food storage goods that are stylish and keep food super fresh.

What workshop participants said:
“Interesting and engaging. Introduced a new and clear way of thinking. Thanks!”
“I received the most value from the customer mapping activity because of how visual it is.”
“Just what we needed, the Lego brick activity! And I really appreciated the inclusive way you talked with us. Thank you! I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. ”

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