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Project Description

Workshops @ Crosspolinate Conference: Outcome based business strategy

The challenge:
We were invted to design 3 workshops for a mix group of growers, farmers, corporate executives and food start-ups with little or no business background to teach them practical tools to project manage their ideas and bring them to life. The workshops where delivered during a full day at the Crosspolinate Conference in Huonville, Tasmania on November 2017.

The process and outcome:
During the workshops participants applied tools to one of their projects and shaped it to turn it into reality. The tools we used, the strategy canvas and a lego brick excersise, where picked to set them in the right direction in these four key areas: rapid vision and purpose development, outcome based project management and strategy, lean concepts on value improvement and waste minimisation.

From the Crosspolinate Conference agenda: “The amazing team at Coinventa will take you through a hands on, fun session, that shows you how to project manage an idea (be that a new business idea, or an idea within the constructs of your current business) from beginning through to achieving the outcomes you are aiming for. Everyone is a project manager in small business, and this session will give you practical skills to help you navigate any new idea within your business.”

About the Crosspolinate Conference:
Cross Pollinate is an annual event which gathers together food growers, producers and customers, industry, hospitality, education, government and not-for-profit representatives, and foodies to share Tasmanian food and food stories and ideas. More than 100 people attended.

What workshop participants said:
“Clever, clear, challenging, clarifying.”
“Awesome system/process for planning.”
“Lego experience was very effective to demonstrate lean principles of value and waste.”
“Thanks! A good way to critically analyse business direction.”
“Fantastic! Great to work with real life and personal examples. Easy to use resources.”
“Thank you Marisol. Excellent presentations and very timely. I will be using the strategy canvas immediately.”
“The strategy canvas…what a great tool to focus on outcomes first.”
“Great intro to project managing, lean, planning.”
“Empowering in regards to where I am going with my business.”
“Super clear, high level strategic stuff. Like the value waste section.”
“Very clear concise and useful. Thank you.”

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