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Project Description

The Sunroom Beach House

This high-end residential home in Tinderbox, Tasmania, creates luxury through quality of space and light. A clever renovation for a family of 6, the ground level interior plan places special emphasis on user experience, sunlight maximization, indoor-outdoor landscape, passive solar design, building orientation, healthy materials, and recreation spaces sheltered from the wind.

Inspired by the classic estate’s sunroom, solarium and sitting room, the stunning views are framed by classy contemporary sunrooms designed throughout the house as a series of private cozy spaces to enhance wellbeing, promote contemplation, and create a life closer to nature and the senses.

The glassed conservatory at the south end of the house provides an all year round outdoor feel on an indoor area for the family to share life, have fun, get creative, and relax in a spa inspired infinity pool.

A curved exterior deck connects the main house with the visits accommodation and a small remote room, ideal for tea and enjoy the beautiful and quiet view that the splendid landscape offers.

Project Details