A Strategic Plan for a Tasmanian Not for Profit 2018-05-27T17:06:05+11:00

Project Description

Project: A Strategic Plan for a Tasmanian Not for Profit

The challenge:
To develop a stakeholder based strategic plan to guide TSCA over the next three years.

The process:
For the purpose of developing this strategy we interviewed a sample of the many stakeholders TSCA interacts with, canteen managers, board members, staff, partners, and school staff. Through these interviews we identified what these groups want. A summary of these results were presented to TSCA’s management and staff for review. Following this review, we facilitated three co-creation sessions that included staff and board members as well as key partners, to further define the TSCA strategic plan.

The outcome:
TSCA has now a Stakeholder Based Strategy that is the beginning of an ongoing process of reflection on the stakeholders experience in dealing with TSCA, the value they deliver and the impact they have on them. It is a versatile matrix in which TSCA will be able to add a lot of relevant information that serves as a guide for any development and decision making process undertaken by TSCA in the future.

About TSCA:
The Tasmanian School Canteen Association Inc. (TSCA) was formed in 1994 to promote and facilitate the provision of a nutritious and healthy food service in Tasmanian school canteens. The TSCA is a non - government health promotion organisation, predominately funded by the Department of Education (DoE) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Tasmania has 257 government and non-government schools at primary, secondary and college level, of which 215 have a canteen or food service capabilities. The Association supports all schools with or without a canteen who deliver a food and beverage service for their students and staff.

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