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Project Description

The Stargazing Beach House

This ocean front retreat for a family of three teenage kids was designed to last generations. Used only during the summer season, the house withstands the elements by being built entirely on concrete, including every piece of furniture. “We want to be able to open the house every season and have it ready to go in just minutes… no maintenance please.” This statement was part of the brief that inspired the concept of built in furniture. The solidity of the linear concrete form contrast with the lightness of the glass and water surrounding each space. Next to the bedrooms, a water shallow pool mimicking a water mirror brings peace and contemplation to the family while reflecting  the environment into the spaces. Water in this coastal home is not just a view aspect, not just something to look at through the windows; it becomes an integral part of the structure, an immersive experience.

The ceiling was designed to bring the sky into the house and to stargaze at nights, a hobby the family shares. The Livingroom ceiling, with a pattern of round glassed holes, lets the light in full moon bathe the space resembling a night dream.

It is an exploration of the sensory aspect of architecture, the views, the sound, the calmness, textures, reflexions, and the unexpected feelings that the light evokes.

Project Details