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Project Description

Project: Process Improvement for a Food Co-op

The challenge:
To improve the food co-op processes to boost quality and efficiency and bring life work balance to the shop and volunteer coordinator.

The process:
Starting with a value stream map co-design session we unveiled the details of two key processes, food purchase-sell and volunteer recruitment. The findings helped us lay the road map for a strategy to reduce waste and increase value to the customers and key stakeholders.
The methodologies used by our team included value stream mapping (lean), human centered design, 360 degree feedback and systems thinking.

The outcome:
We proposed improvements for the volunteer recruitment process that have the potential to reduce lead process time from 2.5 months to 1 day. And for the purchase-sell process to increase quality of data on about 20%. Both reductions in wasted effort will add up to free time for the shop coordinator.

About Okines Food Co-op:
Based in Dodges Ferry, a regional coastal town in Tasmania, this not-for-profit group gives members access to bulk, largely organic, wholefoods at affordable prices, with reduced packaging and without the need to travel to Hobart.

What they say about us:
“So interesting to walk through our processes and see them in a different way. We loved the process of value stream mapping!“

Visit Okines Food Co-op website.