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Project Description

Female Entrepreneur Scholarships: Enabling women to succeed

The challenge:
According to the ABS, women in business are underrepresented making just over a third of all Australian business operators with under a third of this number living in regional Australia. Their average weekly cash income is half than their male counterparts and other employed women. Despite all this hardship, women entrepreneurs have high levels of life satisfaction, maintain a flexible balance between work and family responsibilities, pursue vital and challenging careers to accomplish goals in their own terms, and above all women enterprise founders tend to pursue a balance between economic goals, such as profit and growth, and non -economic goals, such as product quality, personal enjoyment and helping others.

Without guidance the process of achieving success can be overwhelming and take a great deal of trial and error. Our Female Entrepreneur Scholarship was created to fast-tracks this process by providing women with the tools to apply business creativity to their enterprise and lead their teams.  With our help they can tap into their business creative potential to grow as leaders.

The process and outcome:
When an entrepreneur is awarded a scholarship we make sure we fully understand their needs and tailor a combination of mentoring and training sessions according to what they want to achieve. We guide them through the process of learning and discovering on their own while transferring skills and empowering their process. During their time with our mentors and trainers, participants learn a range of skills such as customer-centred strategies, positive impact culture,  how to turn ideas into action, outcome based management, business model and value proposition design, storytelling and branding, critical and strategic thinking.

About our partners:
We work with different organisations like Sprout or Business & Employment who refer to us female entrepreneurs in need of mentoring and training. Their referral and screening process is really valuable since they make sure we are the right fit.

TESTIMONIALS – What Scholarship participants say about our work:

“Structured, confronting, focused, safe and relaxed environment, goal oriented, thought provoking questions.”

“Thank you. Love your style!”

“(The mentoring/training session for business strategy was) friendly, relaxed, and non-judgmental. Insightful questions helped me articulate what I’m trying to achieve, and why. Clear framework. Achievable homework goals. A feeling of being supported. Professional approach. Generous with time, and although there was a time structure, no feeling of being rushed.”  – Fiona Makowski, Owner Freshfield Grove

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