A Strategy for a Campaign to Promote Local Produce 2018-05-27T17:06:35+00:00

Project Description

Project: A Strategy for a Campaign to Promote Local Produce

The challenge:
To develop a low resource strategy for Tassievore Eat Local Chalenge, a campaign that promotes local produce consumption in Tasmania.

The process:
For the purpose of developing this strategy, we facilitated a consutlation session with a group of Tassievore’s stakeholders mainly women who are members of the Facebook community group. Thanks to this session we identified important aspects these group members want and need and this insight served the Tassievore committee as a base to propose different strategies.

The outcome:
Tassievore has a strategy for 2017 based on what its stakeholders want. With two approaches: Host your own feast and #Pick1forTassie, the campaign seeks to reach two different segments.

About Tassievore Eat Local Challenge:
A challenge to increase the proportion of local, in-season food in people’s diet, support local producers and businesses, improve people’s health, and have a great time in the most scrumptious ways possible! Raise awareness about the benefits of growing, sourcing and cooking the amazing produce that Tasmania has to offer.

Visit Tassievore’s website.