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IMBA prepares leaders to apply creativity to make better decisions and to navigate the complex challenges of driving innovative change.

A 4 week intensive workshop created by Coinventa for high performing individuals who want to gain a competitive advantage, innovate & lead.

What is IMBA?

IMBA is a 4 week intensive sprint workshop designed by Coinventa and social entrepreneur Marisol Miro Quesada for high performing individuals who want to gain a competitive advantage, innovate and lead. It challenges individuals to learn to make better decisions, to apply creativity to solve problems, and to engage and connect. IMBA prepares you to navigate the complex challenges of innovative entrepreneurship.

IMBA’s Learning by Doing Model

IMBA uses training techniques from lean, design thinking and sprint to engage participants in an intense four-week process. Each session is led by our experienced coaches with a ratio of one for every ten students.  IMBA delivers a condensed learning experience through workshop sessions, networking, personalised support and feedback, shared resources (videos and readings) and the development of projects based on your own enterprise. Your time is spent creating, learning, growing, writing, designing, connecting and testing. IMBA’s workshops are hands-on, action-oriented where everything learnt will be put to action immediately to get feedback and improve. Attendants learn by doing and learn to act and apply creative thinking often. They learn to see results, compare and share to evolve. Access to information is no longer the reason to go to school; the information is everywhere so our goal is different, is about guiding and connecting individuals to amplify their reach and impact by bringing them together in order to build community and support that will make them better and more collaborative leaders.

IMBA’s Focus

We focus on several key concepts on making smart and creative decisions, empathising, and achieving positive outcomes. IMBA doesn’t pretend to make you an expert on specific topics, instead we help you act, share and learn while applying:

  • Customer-centred strategies
  • Positive impact culture
  • From ideas to action
  • Outcome based management
  • Business model and value proposition design
  • Storytelling and branding
  • Critical thinking

What does IMBA stand for?

IMBA –short for imbalanced- is derived from strategy games. It is usually used to describe when a player or a character gets way too powerful to defeat that it becomes unfair/impossible for the opponents to play against her. Which results in the opponents to give up.  Almost invincible. It is mostly used as a praise rather than a complaint.

Our Alumni Network

Attending participants include freelancers, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate employees. Since 2016, individuals and teams from more than 12 organisations have participated.

Thank you for an amazing workshop which provoked thought and got me to start engaging that creative muscle which I have so missed using!” – Workshop attendee 

Perfect! You have helped us to synthesise our views and thoughts as an organisation, and this will in turn mean we can be more focussed and efficient in what path we chose to follow. Very simple, well explained, easy to understand, sound approach, very clear in your communication, had all the physical tools we needed. It exceeded my expectations.”- Workshop attendee

Apply for IMBA

The tuition for the program is AU$3,000.
To apply send us an email with your name and phone number to and we will call you back to register you. Or if you prefer call us directly to +61 0362658378 Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm. The application takes about 20 minutes to complete.
Participants are not required to have a degree, only their desire to work and learn matters. We need to note that the IMBA is informal, unaccredited, and non-bureaucratic. If you need an official course credit, this isn’t for you.

IMBA2018-0    Choose your dates: if you have a team or group we can coordinate the most suitable dates for you
IMBA2018-1     June – July 2018
IMBA2018-2    October – November 2018

The IMBA is a 4 week sprint built around specific topics and projects.
We release project prompts and information on Monday mornings at 6 am. (Tasmanian time)
There are live, mandatory sessions one full day per week.

Students can choose to take the four week presential program from different locations: at Coinventa’s beach house in Dodges Ferry, Hobart or Launceston.


  • In a device-free environment with no internet, mobile phones, tablets or laptops. They all should be turned off and be left offsite.  For calls and emergencies you will be able to give our office or venue number. If you wish to use laptops please disconnect Wi-Fi.
  • In a scent-free environment with no perfumes, scented products (such as aftershaves) or volatile chemicals.
  • In a vegan, gluten-free food inclusive environment. You will be asked about your food requirements.
  • No missing -no recovery. Due to the fast pace and sprint nature of the workshops if you are late or miss a session, there will not be an opportunity to recover it.

Deposit: We require a $500 deposit to secure your spot in the IMBA program and to accept our admission offer. Your deposit is non-refundable.
Tuition: The rest of your tuition, $2,500, is fully refundable any time between the day we receive it and twenty-eight calendar days before the start of the program. Afterwards, no refunds are possible. We do appreciate notification of withdrawal as soon as possible so that we can attempt to fill your spot with another student who may be on the waitlist.
If you’re unable to participate, we’ll donate half your tuition to a Tasmanian charity of our choice.
Reimbursements: We do not reimburse.

Women’s Scholarships: Enabling women to succeed

According to the ABS, women in business are underrepresented making just over a third of all Australian business operators with under a third of this number living in regional Australia. Their average weekly cash income is half than their male counterparts and other employed women. Despite all this hardship, women entrepreneurs have high levels of life satisfaction, maintain a flexible balance between work and family responsibilities, pursue vital and challenging careers to accomplish goals in their own terms, and above all women enterprise founders tend to pursue a balance between economic goals, such as profit and growth, and non -economic goals, such as product quality, personal enjoyment and helping others.

Without guidance the process of achieving success can be overwhelming and take a great deal of trial and error. IMBA fast-tracks this process by providing you with the tools to apply business creativity to your enterprise and lead your team.

With our help you will tap into your business creative potential to grow as a leader.

Marisol  Miro Quesada, Business Development
+61 0362658328
Dodges Ferry, TAS