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Brainstorm Mornings.

Brainstorm Mornings is Tasmania’s unique change maker community where thinkers, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs or anyone who is passionate about doing good to people and the environment get together to discuss and create a vision for a better future. Hosted by social entrepreneur Marisol Miro Quesada, the group meets monthly to tackle complex social and environmental problems. As a practitioner and coach of design thinking, lean and customer centred innovation, Marisol Miro Quesada, Coinventa’s founder, believes every problem is an opportunity for design and uses those techniques to facilitate the brainstorm morning sessions. By framing the monthly challenges as “How might we questions” we set ourselves up for innovative solutions. Our informal gatherings invite a community organisation or NFP every month to help them tackle a complex problem, they present their challenge and we brainstorm ideas to help them. So expect guest speakers, lots of post-its and people who want to work for an hour and a half on real issues, design, co-create solutions and in the process connect with others and get empowered to act and achieve change.

Our upcoming events.

Month Date Day Starts Ends Venue Book tickets Brainstorm Topic
May 25 Friday 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2 Swan St,  North Hobart  Buy Tickets Help us create a Women Entrepreneur’s Support Circle to improve/increase women’s success in business.
June 22 Friday 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2 Swan St,  North Hobart  
July 27 Friday 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2 Swan St,  North Hobart  
August 24 Friday 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2 Swan St,  North Hobart  
September 21 Friday 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2 Swan St,  North Hobart  

Testimonials about our events.

“A gentle but quite deep exploration of how to creatively challenge ourselves and others.” – Manager government services

“Very thought provoking, challenging me in a great way. And Thank you for the tea and food. A lovely welcoming touch.” – Small business owner

“Great content. Can apply to life and business easily!” – Business owner

“Clever, clear, challenging, clarifying.” Farm business owner

Explore our past events.

Brainstorm Mornings – HMW Improve employment outcomes for humanitarian migrants

Our guest speaker Beverley Jefferson presented a summarised analysis of the current humanitarian migrant state in Tasmania: We have anywhere between 450-750 humanitarian migrants arriving in Tasmania each year, ranging from people from Syria with a professional work background to families who have been living in camps for 20 years with limited access to either education or work...

Brainstorm Mornings: How Might We nurture the development of ethical enterprises in Tasmania

Our guest speaker Eric Sivret presented a summarised analysis of the current social enterprise state in Australia: They are a small growing part of the ecosystem: 853,0001 businesses in Australia with more than 1 employee. >51,0002 registered not for profits entities. >20,0003 estimated social enterprises. A typical social enterprise is: In the services industry (68%), Small business (73%), Providing service for profit (62.7%), Reinvesting all profit (81%), Investing in growth (86.2%), Receiving 300 (median) hours of volunteer support....

Use Empathy to Boost Creative Thinking – Creative Workshop

The challenge we tackled: How to use empathy to understand our customers and design meaningful products for them. When and where: 26th September 2017 at New Town Room, North Hobart Uniting Church,  Tasmania. Hosted [...]