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Brainstorm Mornings – HMW Improve employment outcomes for humanitarian migrants

By | 2017-11-09T09:09:35+00:00 October 14th, 2017|Brainstorm Mornings, Events|

Our guest speaker Beverley Jefferson presented a summarised analysis of the current humanitarian migrant state in Tasmania: We have anywhere between 450-750 humanitarian migrants arriving in Tasmania each year, ranging from people from Syria with a professional work background to families who have been living in camps for 20 years with limited access to either education or work...

Brainstorm Mornings: How Might We nurture the development of ethical enterprises in Tasmania

By | 2017-11-09T09:10:04+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Brainstorm Mornings, Events|

Our guest speaker Eric Sivret presented a summarised analysis of the current social enterprise state in Australia: They are a small growing part of the ecosystem: 853,0001 businesses in Australia with more than 1 employee. >51,0002 registered not for profits entities. >20,0003 estimated social enterprises. A typical social enterprise is: In the services industry (68%), Small business (73%), Providing service for profit (62.7%), Reinvesting all profit (81%), Investing in growth (86.2%), Receiving 300 (median) hours of volunteer support....

Use Empathy to Boost Creative Thinking – Creative Workshop

By | 2017-11-09T09:09:55+00:00 September 27th, 2017|Events|

The challenge we tackled: How to use empathy to understand our customers and design meaningful products for them. When and where: 26th September 2017 at New Town Room, North Hobart Uniting Church,  Tasmania. Hosted by Coinventa and facilitated by Marisol Miro Quesada, Coinventa’s Creative Director, a practitioner and coach of design thinking, lean and [...]

Presentation – How to Frame a Challenge

By | 2017-11-09T09:25:30+00:00 August 16th, 2017|Presentation, Resources|

Coinveta’s team created this monthly morning sessions to empower individuals to search for creative solutions to their everyday challenges. It is about doing hands-on work and building an intimate network. It’s about giving leaders like you the tools and confidence to make your organisation better. Through our work helping organisations tap into [...]