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Whatever your challenge is we help your team nail your strategy by facilitating enjoyable and highly efficient sessions. Using Sprint methodology we help you get innovative results in very short periods of time. We are experienced at facilitating business and organisatinal strategy, strategic plannning, highly productive board and team meetings, innovation and brainstorm sessions, business model and value proposition innovation.


We will teach you how to innovate and think outside the box to create value for your stakeholders. Our training packages include:  human centred innovation, creative leadership, design thinking, lean, A3 management, how to increase value and reduce waste in your business operations, how to turn ideas into reality, outcome based project management, business model desing, value proposition design, discover what your customers want, stakeholder interview techniques.


We use human centred design techniques and we are open to any design challenge. Our experienced team has more than 30 years combined designing products and services for different industries (garment, food and beverage, building, education, not for profit, film and media, events, arts, government) and designing architecture projects for a range of development projects (residential, commercial, community, heritage, landscape, educational, property development, interior, art exhibitions and events, sustainable).

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