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We help you innovate.

Most organisation’s creative potential remains untapped, which generates frustration and increases their risk of failure. We guide people through the process of accessing this potential to create more innovative and relevant products, services, processes, and strategies to support them in their growth.

High impact Consulting

We help your team nail your strategy by facilitating enjoyable and highly efficient sessions that will blow your minds! To prepare for this powerful co-design sessions we work for several weeks gathering first hand information from your stakeholders and present it to you in visual working templates we can all strategyze with.

Our consulting services -a fusion between coaching and consultancy- will build capacity and enhance the creative and innovative skills in your organisation, and get you to participate and own the process. We will help your team innovate and get plenty of wow! and aha! moments.

Using cutting edge frameworks in customer-focused innovation, lean and design thinking, we can help you with:

  • Strategic plans,
  • Product design and development,
  • Customer-centered strategies,
  • Customer experience and
  • Process improvement.

If you are a for profit or not for profit organisation of any size, we can help you turn your ideas into action and co-create a strategy for any of your challenges. During our consultancy process you and your team will discover new ways to collaborate, innovate, strategyze and de-risk your business.

We work from our office located in Dodges Ferry or remotely. Please get in touch with us to discuss your challenge.

Coaching & Training

We can coach you and train your team to think creatively about business improvement and development. We can help you think outside the box and guide you through the process of reflecting on how to create value for your customers and how to minimize waste in the process of creating it.

We can train your team on:

  • Design thinking,
  • Customer-focused innovation,
  • Customer discovery,
  • Lean strategy,
  • Value proposition,
  • Business model design,
  • Communication and storytelling,
  • Clarity of vision and
  • Performance improvement.

Choose full or half day group or one on one sessions.  Sessions are device-free environments (no phones or internet) and we work from our office located in Dodges Ferry or remotely.

We believe that human-centred innovation has the potential to change organisational culture and bring high economic impact.

We develop our own innovation tools based on the latest techniques available to provide low cost, fast implementation and high impact solutions to our customers.

Latest Projects


A Strategic Plan for a Tasmanian Not for Profit

Project: A Strategic Plan for a Tasmanian Not for Profit The challenge: To develop a stakeholder based strategic plan to guide TSCA over the next three years. The process: For the purpose of developing this strategy we interviewed a sample of the many stakeholders TSCA interacts with, canteen managers, board members, staff, partners, and school staff. Through these interviews we identified what these groups want. A summary of these results were presented to TSCA’s management and [...]


A Strategy for a new Campus

Project: A Strategy for a new Campus The challenge: To develop a strategy for a new campus that captures the spirit of the institute and is based on what their people want. The process: Through a face-to-face consultation process on their current campus, Avansys' most important stakeholder groups talked to us and told us what they wanted. The insights, experiences and expectations shared by this wonderful group of people served as a basis for the development [...]


Process Improvement for a Food Co-op

Project: Process Improvement for a Food Co-op The challenge: To improve the food co-op processes to boost quality and efficiency and bring life work balance to the shop and volunteer coordinator.The process: Starting with a value stream map co-design session we unveiled the details of two key processes, food purchase-sell and volunteer recruitment. The findings helped us lay the road map for a strategy to reduce waste and increase value to the customers and key stakeholders. The [...]


A Strategy for a Campaign to Promote Local Produce

Project: A Strategy for a Campaign to Promote Local Produce The challenge: To develop a low resource strategy for Tassievore Eat Local Chalenge, a campaign that promotes local produce consumption in Tasmania. The process: For the purpose of developing this strategy, we facilitated a consutlation session with a group of Tassievore's stakeholders mainly women who are members of the Facebook community group. Thanks to this session we identified important aspects these group members want and need and [...]


From Ideas to Action

Coaching: From Ideas to Action The challenge: To design a workshop for creative people with no business background to teach them practical tools to bring their ideas to life and to deliver the workshop during an outdoors festival. The process: During the workshop participants applied tools to one of their ideas and shaped it to turn it into reality. The tools we used where picked to set them in the right direction in these four key areas: [...]