We create positive impact through research and strategy consulting

Coinventa is a Tasmanian research and strategy consulting firm that helps businesses and organisations tackle complex challenges. We utilise techniques from social, behavioural, and design sciences to solve problems and unlock the hidden and not so obvious needs and desires of stakeholders. Our insights will change the way you think and equip you with insight-driven strategic focus for innovation, customer experience, and product design and development. 

We are a family of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, teachers and researchers with a curious mind and a wealth of experience getting to the root cause of things. Through years of researching and co-designing strategies with our clients we have come across an important truth: that business challenges are at heart human challenges, and that to solve their complexity, we need to understand humans. That's why our methodology has evolved to unravel truths through personal interaction with your stakeholders which allows us to understand their behaviour and emotions driving their decision making processes. 

By giving you clarity on what matters the most to your stakeholders, we provide you an immense advantage for you to improve the way you think about your business and how you serve your stakeholders